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just a rant.

Just a rant. So someone in my office comes back from the cafeteria with bean soup. Mmmm, warm bean soup, and it smells good. I’m fighting off the ends of a head cold and bean soup sounds like the best thing in the world right about now. So, I go and I get some, with some cornbread. Mmm… cornbread. Ah, my sinus are clearing and my stomach is settling already, just holding warm, good smelling soup in my hands.

Keeping in mind, I’ve even mentally steeled myself and my stomach for the inevitable “Ham Bone Flavor” that everyone outside the veggie world seems to think is essential to beans. As long as I don’t actually get a chunk of ham in my soup, I’m ready to ignore that. I’m ready to forgive, move on, be thankful for the rich creamy beans that I’ve got, and let it be.

What did I get? I got bright yellow with fat, overly salty and CHICKEN flavored white bean soup. ::sigh:: I ate it, I’m sick, I’m hungry and the beans were wonderfully creamy and soft and exactly what I wanted. But the chicken, bleach! Too fatty, too salty. At least there weren’t outright chicken bits in it. I cannot understand what motivates someone to cook beans in chicken gravy (after the beans thickened it up, that’s pretty much what it tasted like), like they aren’t tasty without adding something dead! ::grumble grumble grumble::

Now I’m resolved to go home and make some sort of wonderful VEGAN lentil squash soup in atonement to my body. It didn’t deserve that. The cornbread was salty and fatty, but that’s just how this place’s cornbread is, it’s kind of comforting in it’s soul food-ish goodness. Wish I had a bread machine so I didn’t have to knead bread with sick hands (tends to make me think biscuits, actually).

I’m just so disappointed, in the cafeteria, in myself, in the world that sometimes feels like it is DELIBERATLY trying not to get it. Very frustrating. ::grin:: I was hoping some of the readers here could sympathize.

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